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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cute Do!

I cannot tell you how many times someone comes up to us and comments on Max's hair. They comment on how cute it is, how stylish it is, and how a little guy could have SO MUCH HAIR!! I have to give John the credit for the stylish cut. About every three weeks, John gets out the clippers and trims him up. His hair grows so fast and is so puffy! Max use to freak out by the sight of the clippers. Now he freaks out at the sight of the clippers in the box. I am not sure if it is the sound of the clippers or the vibrations of the clippers on his head. Whatever it is, he does not like it one bit! But he sure looks cute when he is all cleaned up with a little gel!

How Many Days?

Since I posted that Max has gone 13 days without throwing up, many people have asked if I am still counting. He made it 16 days without throwing up! The good thing is he only had a couple rough days, and is back to having good days again. . . vomit free days! The things we get excited about!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brewer In Training?!?

This week Ava was very excited to start T-ball!! She was bouncing off the walls getting ready to go! I don't remember ever watching t-ball so it was an new experience for me too. Each team (Ava's team is the Yankees) got to bat twice and field twice. Each kid had a chance to bat and run the bases each time their team was up to bat. Watching them in the field was pretty funny. When the ball was hit, everyone in the field ran after the ball and jumped on it. (Picture kids at a parade when candy is thrown.) Well, everyone ran after the ball and wrestled for it except for Ava. She just hung out and watched. The coach was encouraging her to go after the ball, but Ava wanted to play her way. The last play Ava went after the ball. I asked her why she didn't want to go after the ball and she said she was too tired! She said next time she might have more energy! Cheering Section!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lucky Number 13

Well, Max has gone 13 days without throwing up. 13 days! I hope by me putting this is writing I am not jinxing him! He hasn’t gone 3 days in his life without throwing up, let alone 13. I am going to keep counting the days (because I think you can tell I am excited about this). We have also been giving him more textures to try and he has been handling them very well. No coughing, gagging, choking. He normally only handles purees without a trace of any texture. I am not sure why the sudden change. . . we changed his prescriptions around about a month ago and that could have helped. Maybe he is starting to grow out of some of his reflux. Whoo Hoo!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We're Bloggin'

Welcome to our Blog! John, Ava, Max, and I figured this would be a nice way to let friends and family know what is going on in our lives. Please save our site as one of your "favorites"!