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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween

Earlier in October on an 80 degree day, we went to pick our pumpkins. It didn't seem right working up a sweat walking out the to pumpkin patch. Since it was such a nice day, there we tons of people who had the same idea. Ava and John went through a haunted house they had at the farm. Ava said it was AWESOME and wants to come back next year.

Ava with our keepers.

Max posing for pictures while John and Ava were in the haunted house.

Our finished masterpieces : )

Each year out town celebrates the anniversary of a UFO sighting that happened in our town over 20 years ago. Believe what you want, but it is quite the festival.

Family came and went to the parade with us. John had to work, so he missed out on the fun.

Max really enjoyed the parade. He would pick up the candy and throw it back. It was too funny. It was nice to see him enjoying himself until a car that was in the parade backfired in front of us and then the fire trucks came though. That was the end of Max enjoying the parade.

Ava was on the float for the day-care Max and her go to.

Max lookin' cute!

It has become a tradition for Grandpa and Grandma Foley to come to our place for Trick-or-Treating. Dave always dresses up and takes Ava out Trick-or-Treating. And if he is lucky, he scares a kid or two.

Who are these people!