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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Technical Difficulty

I am lost!! My computer will not turn on!! So I will be without my computer until we have someone look at it and repair it! So I won't be able to check my email and read blogs!! Ahhh!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family Day

On Sunday, we had Family Day. Ava loves Family Day. Family days are days were the only thing we do is hang out as a family. . . no chores! We haven't had a family day since we were on vacation. John works every other Saturday and one of us has had plans over the weekends when he has not been working. So it has been either John or I with the kids.

We spent our day going to the zoo and to State Street for gyros and ice cream. We went home for naps and told Ava if she laid down for a nap, we would go to the community pool before it closed for the year. Well, come to find out the pool had already closed for the year. We had an upset little girl!! But we distracted her with things around the house.