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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ava's First Snow Day!!

Today was Ava's first snow day! We got well over a foot of snow. . . it looks like a Winter Wonderland outside. She was excited to get her coat and snow pants on this morning to play in the snow. She had her first snowman built by 7:45 this morning. She just went out for her second trip outside to make another snowman!

Max watching Ava play outside. He would love it outside for a little bit, but decided to keep him inside since he woke up snotty and sneezing.

We've Been Elfed!

Ava loves these things!!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hydrocele Surgery #2

On Tuesday, Max has a hydrocele repair on his left side. Last year, his right side was repaired.

A hydrocele is a collection of watery fluid around the testicle. It was explained to us as a step before a hernia. The dr wanted to fix it because he doesn't want it to develop in to a hernia and the fluid that is flowing from the abdomen to the testicle is warmer than what the testicle should be in which would cause poor growth of the testicle.

Max before surgery.

The surgery and recovery went really well. We were at the hospital for a total of two and a half hours. Three nurses that day knew Max from a previous stay or surgery. I found that quite interesting. The nurse in the recover room cared for Max while he was in the NICU at a different hospital. And to top that off, the anesthesiologist had put Max under before for his g-tube and nissen wrap surgery. I found all of that very comforting.

Since the surgery, Max has been himself. We are keeping him home all week to recover. He probably could have gone back to day-care and school today and Friday, but we didn't want to push it.

At Max's three year check up he was 22 pounds and 33 inches.

Max at home after surgery doing his favorite things. Watching Signing Times and rocking in the rocking chair.