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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve Day

We had a great Christmas Eve hanging out with just the four of us. John usually has to work on Christmas Eve, but since Christmas fell on a Saturday he was able to have off. It wasn't too cold out and we just got some fresh show, so we decided to try taking Max sledding. And he enjoyed it! There are not too many things Max is overly excited about doing. He is a very cautious little boy. It was nice to see him have fun. He liked being pulled in the sled more then going down the hill. And if the sled sat still for too long he would sign "more". And Ava loves sledding! It was nice to have something the four of us could do together instead of one of us staying with Max and the other going off with Ava.

After sledding, Ava and John made a batch of cookies for Santa. We previously made cut out cookies, but they happened to disappear somehow.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Bed

Last night we put together Max's new bed! He was so excited to see his new bed in his room. And bedtime went a lot better than expected! He didn't nap all day, which helped. He settled himself down and went right to bed and slept through the night. I was worried that he would wake up and start wandering around the house. His head was at the foot of the bed when I checked on him in the middle of the night. He never once fell out! I am interested to see if tonight goes as well. He doesn't nap during the week and is ready to go to bed at bedtime. So I do think the bed will work well for him. And I think that he is really proud of his Big Boy Bed!

(Ignore the pink sheets. He will be getting sheets for Christmas.)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Max!

Max turned FOUR on November 15th! I keep telling myself I need to get a birthday post out here before Christmas arrives. So today is the day!

We celebrated Max turning four by having family over for a dog themed party. Max just loves being around dogs! And no, we are not getting him one.

Papa Dave made Max's cake. This is my favorite cake that Dave has made so far.

Max eating from the dog bowl.
So happy to be four!

Max hanging out in his room with his cousins.

Life doesn't get much better for Max. Watching Signing Times while jumping. The trampoline was a gift from us to Max.

The party group!

Opening gifts! This was actually the only gift Max would open. After this one he was overwhelmed with the noise of the party. He wanted to take a break by sitting in his bed for 45 minutes. He came back out for the candles on his cake though!

Max interested in the sparkler candle.

After school on his actual birthday. Partying wears him out!

I posted the next couple pictures because this is the first birthday of Max's I feel I am starting to make a gap from the fears and worries I had during his first few years of life. His health is so much better now. We are not constantly running for appointments. I was talking to Max's pediatrician at his four year check up this week and told her I was kind of anxious not having so many appointments anymore. The specialists that have been following him are telling us that they don't need to see him for another year or they don't need to see him anymore AT ALL unless something comes up. His peds told me now that his physical health has improved so much that now I should be focusing that time on making sure he has all the services to reach his full potential developmentally. She told me this is a common transition for parents. Yes, I know everything isn't going to be easy from here. Our main struggles now are his feeding and communication. I think there will always be struggles. But on his forth birthday, I feel in a good place.

Big news! We got Max an IPad with Proloquo2go. He mainly likes to use it at school for now. I know we should be consistent and use it at home more. At home he seems to like to listen to music and look at the pictures we downloaded for him. John programmed a couple buttons for his birthday party. In this video he is telling his uncles that it is time to eat tacos.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween

Earlier in October on an 80 degree day, we went to pick our pumpkins. It didn't seem right working up a sweat walking out the to pumpkin patch. Since it was such a nice day, there we tons of people who had the same idea. Ava and John went through a haunted house they had at the farm. Ava said it was AWESOME and wants to come back next year.

Ava with our keepers.

Max posing for pictures while John and Ava were in the haunted house.

Our finished masterpieces : )

Each year out town celebrates the anniversary of a UFO sighting that happened in our town over 20 years ago. Believe what you want, but it is quite the festival.

Family came and went to the parade with us. John had to work, so he missed out on the fun.

Max really enjoyed the parade. He would pick up the candy and throw it back. It was too funny. It was nice to see him enjoying himself until a car that was in the parade backfired in front of us and then the fire trucks came though. That was the end of Max enjoying the parade.

Ava was on the float for the day-care Max and her go to.

Max lookin' cute!

It has become a tradition for Grandpa and Grandma Foley to come to our place for Trick-or-Treating. Dave always dresses up and takes Ava out Trick-or-Treating. And if he is lucky, he scares a kid or two.

Who are these people!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

GI Appointment

On September 21st, Max had a GI appointment. At the appointment he weighed 25 pounds and was 2' 11". We were shocked that he was 25 pounds! Usually he hovers around 22-23 pounds. We thought he was feeling a little heavier. At the appointment we talked about removing his G-tube in a year. We are going to see if he can make it though cold and flu season without having to use his tube. We were so excited to hear such great news! When Max had surgery for his G-tube in April of 2007, we never would have thought that he would possibly have it removed before his 5th birthday. We thought he would have it for life! And yes, progress seems slow. But when you look at the big picture, he has accomplished a lot since he was put on a feeding tube at three months old and being NPO. I have to remember this when I get so frustrated with his eating! Currently he gets about 90% of his calories from drinking Kid Essentials Boost formula and he eats about 10% of his calories.

We also tried to take him off his reflux medication. About a week after we took him off the medication, his appetite started to decrease, was extra fussy, and grinding his teeth again. We put him back on his medication and seems to be back to himself!

School Pictures

Ava - First Grade

Max - Early Childhood

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ava's 7th Birthday

On September 23rd, Ava turned 7!! She had quite the birthday this year with lots of celebrations!

She had a friend birthday party at the gym she takes gymnastics. When you get nine girls together, it gets LOUD. They all and a great time and wore themselves out in the gym.

She also had a party at home and celebrated with lots of family.

Papa Dave made the cake again this year! Ava designed it and he made it just the way she wanted it. When Ava was designing it, I thought, how is he going to do that?!? Should never doubt Papa Dave!

Ava with her gift from Max.

Ava with her new IPOD! I thought she would be attached to it 24/7, but she told me she has been too busy to play with it a lot.

At a Brewer game on her actual birthday.

Grandma and Grandpa Ragatz also came along.

She had fun watching for her name on the score board.

Snacks at the game are the best!

Happy Birthday Ava! We love you!!