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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Glimpse of Max's Day at School

Waiting at day-care for the van to pick him up.

It's here!

His Speech Therapist met him at the van and Max went with her for his first 20 minutes of the day. I didn't get a picture with Max and his ST. After speech therapy, Max went to his Early Childhood classroom. Here he is working with his Early Childhood teacher.

Then it was off to gym class. Which Max loves and really participates in. He loves gym class, but music class is his favorite.

Max's OT met up with Max in the gym and worked with him. She is helping him play duck, duck, goose.

In this picture, Max is waiting in line for his named to be called.

After his session with the OT, he went back to the classroom for snack and then met up with his Physical Therapist. She took him outside since it was a beautiful day. They swung and worked on climbing on the playground equipment.

He does a lot in a two hour period. They really keep him moving! He seemed to really enjoy it there. Which made me so happy to see!

Two Down. . .

On March 23rd, Ava lost her first tooth! She was so excited since it is so cool to have a missing tooth in Kindergarten. We took the kids to the dentist and she asked the hygentist to pull it. It was REALLY loose!

Here is her first gapped tooth picture!

With dollar from the tooth fairy. . .

On April 2nd, she lost her second tooth and was equally excited!